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How to redeem Google Play Store Gift Cards

  1. First of all, turn on any one VPN in your system like TunnelBear
  2. Select Country (United State) in VPN
  3. After that, go to Google Play Store, Click on App Info
  4. In App Info, first of all Force Stop Google Play Store by Clicking in Force Stop Button.
  5. In same page, go to Storage -> Clear Data > Delete
  6. Now go back and Click On Play Store
  7. Due to VPN, play store is connected with US server. Only connecting with US server is not sufficient.
  8. Go to Play Store Setting -> Account -> Click Switch to the United States Play Store -> Continue
  9. After that, beside PREFERENCES you can find REWARDS tab.
  10. Go to REWARDS tab -> Redeem Promo Code -> Paste the Google Play Store Gift Code (Provided by Buy Gift Cards Nepal) -> REDEEM
  11. Choose the Main Account in which you need to redeem.
  12. Confirm
  13. $$ added to your account.
  14. To Check your Rewards Balance
  15. Open Google Opinion Rewards
  16. Refresh and View your Balance
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